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Here is latest Facebook Page Verification Trick for year 2016.
By this How you can make Facebook verified page with latest trick. This works for business pages and celebrities pages. Many of my friends were asked me "Do you know How to get Facebook Page Verified". So, to answer this, I visited Facebook help center. Here I found a simple way. I have submitted Ghani Tricks page for verification. How I submitted that, for this follow me!
Before we learn how to get Facebook page verified, we will discuss some requirements about this. It's much easier. Many people sell their verified pages at high rates. I mean you can earn too by selling them.
Requirements for Facebook Page Verification
Facebook gives verification to pages of categories below :-
• Journalists
• Brands and Businesses
• Government Officials
Also, I am now sharing some tips you must do with your page which you want to make verified.
1. Link your Page with Official website
If you want a verified page for your website, link it with your official site. Facebook checks every page deeply before it is verified, so be careful. These little mistakes can make you fail in Facebook verification.

2. Write a Full Detailed Description and Address
In you Facebook page, write a full detailed description, address, contact information, and contact number. This is the most widely applied technique. For instance, I came to know about this when I saw Pete Cash More's page.
This page is verified and here all the details are written and fulfilled. If you write a detailed description and address in your page, there would be more chances to get verification ;)
The info you will provide must be accurate.

3. Updating Related Content
This section needs deeply understanding. It means to post and share stuff that is related to your content. If you want to get your Blog's page verified, then it is compulsory that you will post and share links, images related to that. This is not much important but it can enhance chance to get Facebook page/profile verified.

4. Which Pages gets more Verification
There are many pages that gets verification. But, celebrities and musician's pages have more chances to get verification.
Why People Need Verified Badge
The main problem is that, in Facebook, there are many fake accounts or profiles. Users need verified badge so that there fans may find them correctly. Celebrities need that badge badly, as some mad users create fake profiles, pages, etc. So, it is need of every celebrity, person, etc.
How to Submit Facebook Page for Verification
If you fulfilled above requirements and followed them. Then go and submit it. Complete details and steps for submission are given below. Follow and enjoy.

• Go to Facebook Help Center,( Click this link : ) in order to submit page for verification.
• In this section, select page, simple
• This is the most important and difficult part to follow. In this, you will have to upload a photo containing address, logo, ID and so on.
• This section needs to confirm site that you linked in your page. Simply, the site that you added in your page, paste it here.
• That's all, you are done.
Last Words: Friend I've shared a detailed and step by step process for Facebook Page verification trick

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