Learn How To Remove New Folder Virus

How to Delete New Folder Virus Without Any Software
Everybody knows about this virus. whenever you click on any Folder then automatically another folder is created by same name.
When you press alt+ctrl+delete , that time no reaction in the window task manager because that time window task manager has disable due to this vius. Your window work very slowly and also Drives not open in quick time. Today, I will solve this problem without any softwere, so read below.

First of all Restart your PC and go to Start Menu
Now click on Search
when Search Result Window has opened then on the left side, click on All Files And Folders
Now write this command in the search box
and click on on search.
When search has complete, so then you will see some folders in the search result. That time brings your mouse pointer on these folder one by one, that time folder show file version and if the value or are include in the information of file version? So select all these folder and Delete all of them.
Now restart your PC. The new folder virus has been finished.
NOTE: When you will select all the folder so don’t double click on any folder because the virus expands again.

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